Not Finished Yet

During the week-long break between the end of the regular school year and the beginning of summer school, I reconnected with my family. When I returned to the remote location where I teach Sunday afternoon, I said to myself, “I don’t know how I ended up at this school. All I know is that my work here isn’t finished yet.”

Monday I found out that my principal is probably not coming back after her contract expires at the end of the month. I wasn’t terribly happy to hear the news.

During a sleepless interlude in the middle of the night, it seemed at though I heard a voice saying, “The principal’s work here may be finished, but yours is not.”

So, despite my anxiety about the possibility of having to work with a new principal next year, I’m staying at this school.

My work here isn’t finished yet.

Posted on June 2, 2009, in unfinished work. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. MMT,

    Surely that was the voice of God speaking and I also believe that your work isn’t finished yet. We may not understand why He places us in situations but this is the way we grow. 🙂

    Take care,

  2. Listen to that voice; trust it. Tapping into your intuition (or God, or the Universe, or whatever one calls it) is an important part of staying grounded and knowing which paths to choose.

  3. I know how that feels to not be released from your current assignment yet. God will speak to you again when it’s time to go. You will know it, not just with your head, but with your whole being. There is a deep peace that comes with listening for and responding to His Spirit. 🙂

  4. THis sounds like a great fit for you!

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