Ruby Tuesday: Bougainvillea


Outside my window
brassy bougainvillea blooms—
I dream in scarlet.

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Very nice Ruby Tuesday flowers. Thank you for using my badge. I am honored. Have a great RT.

  2. outside your window look like a great view of Red.

  3. Red Bougainvillea …
    Lovely sight to gaze upon.
    Snakelike garden hose ;–)

  4. Lovely bougainvillea for Ruby Tuesday! I do enjoy reading your Haiku.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. I like the feeling of hot summer – cool off with a water hose and a magical red bloom!

  6. The flowers are a true ruby shade. The driveway is enhanced by beautiful blooms, he nicest driveway in the neighborhood (red has a way of doing that…)

  7. what a lovely bougainvillea perfect post for ruby Tuesday, thanks for the visit.

  8. Interesting forms, and I love the light coming through the bougainvilla. I grew up with this plant in Southern California. I don’t miss the climate, but I miss the plant!

  9. lovely view I could just imagine the scent and view

  10. i like the angle 🙂
    must be nice to have flowers just outside of your window..

  11. These are so beautiful but a pain the butt to clean up after!

    Thanks for visiting my Ruby Tuesday post.

  12. The view from your window must be very beautiful! bougainvillea are commonly found here in Singapore, they bloom all year round and thrive in the hot climate.

  13. Lovely!

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    Come visit.

  14. Beautiful flower to go with the nice verse! 🙂

  15. One of my favorite plants. Lovely!

  16. I love your bougainvilla! such great perspective and composition for RT .

  17. Petalled radiance
    Trailing falls of bright colour
    Passionate bouquets

  18. luvsclassics

    Very pretty red flowers. I learned a new kind of flower, bourgainvillea.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  19. red paper flowers
    brings life to the dull driveway

  20. Oh I love bougainvillea! You must live in a climate that is kind to this gorgeous plant!

  21. What a lovely sight you have! Happy RT.

  22. Beautiful red flower…
    Thank you for dropped by and leaving me a nice comment at my blog. I’m late for my Ruby Tuesday’s round, hope you had a great day…

    Lots of luv,

  23. Beautiful color. I adore the bougainvillea growing all over my neighborhood in a riot of colors (that one is my favorite) but when I did my (rooftop) garden years ago I let the gardener persuade me that my neighbors would hate me if I put any on my patio, since all those leaves and petals would constantly end up on the balconies below. I miss it though.

    PS I love the haiku about the ball pit that you left on my blog, what a sweet gift.

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