Mellow Yellow Monday: Barren Places

11.July.2009 045

In barren places
wild and lonely flowers bloom—
holy are their names.

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. It is always a nice surprise to see flowers growing through the stones.

  2. such persistence!

    have a great week ahead!


  3. cute and lovely. happy MYM

  4. Lovely thought that even in barren places, there may bloom the gold of flowers!

  5. You can’t keep yellow down. It will find a way to show its colour.

  6. I love to find the contrasts of barren and life intermixed.

  7. I like how things grow randomly wherever. Nice shot!

  8. Cute little flowers growing in a barren place!

  9. yellow surprises
    in desolate dry environs
    always make ME smile

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Reminds me of my SIL’s patio. The only place she can grow flowers is in between the cracks in the pavers!

  11. lovely photo, you just have to admire the tenacity of plants like that…

  12. Enjoy life as it is, I like this yellow flowers blooming in such a place to show off their beauty…

  13. lovely poem to go with those yellow beauties

    thanks for your visit

  14. nice flowers…now i know their name…

  15. thanks for the visit in my blog….have a nice day!

  16. feel free to see europe in this blog..have a nice weekend in advance!

  17. cute pix..more flowers in my sites!

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