Ruby Tuesday: Forsaken

Prescott.27.28 July.2009 013

Forsaken building,
boarded up with red plywood,
do you mourn inside?

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. It looks very stylish to be abandoned. I love how they turned the board on the door window to an angle.
    Nice find!

  2. Hi, M.M.T. This is a nice poem (I call it a senryū, a lot call it a haiku). I am sure some little animals are mourning in there, have you ever been inside?
    Happy RT, I have a grandbaby picture today.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      It is a senryu, and most definitely not haiku, since there is nothing about nature in in it at all. Thanks for noticing the difference, Jim!

  3. oh mary…in just a few words, you describe something so good and with such deep meaning.
    when we were out west we saw such houses as this and even worst in the air force base where our family lived, an air force base that had been shut down by the government and most of the houses torn down…
    mary, i want to thank you for the little poem you wrote for the little red car and i hope that you don’t mind that i used it in my ruby tuesday post.
    thank you so very much…love terry

  4. I like the haiku, or is it senryu? It doesn’t look abandoned to me though. My RT is up too.

  5. i’d prefer to think there’s a party behind the red plywood.;P

  6. Lonely red panels
    Like blank eyes blinded with tears
    Forgotten lifetime

  7. wow it looks like art..not a forsaken building 🙂

  8. I wish to join this meme…cool red!

  9. Love that shade of red! Well, if this building must be boarded up, what better way!!


  10. There’s a story here…it looks more secret than abandoned. Nice red find.

  11. Very nice, nothing like making an abandoned building look nice. Compared to the other messy looking ones.

  12. Who knows what is behind the panels.
    So many definitions of haiku.

  13. The thing I really like about this photo is the wood does not have a clear, glossy finish on it. It looks very worn. Good aged look.

  14. Fascinating RUBY find … leaves me with lots of questions and I figure there HAS to be a story there ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. I am so curious where this building is…I would love to have walked upon it! Great shot!

  16. I have never seen red plywood…very cool!

  17. If that building could talk…. I learned something new today about haiku and senryu. Thanks!

  18. Great find. Beautiful red.

  19. The building isn’t forsaken with indifference or in haste.
    Look how cleverly they have locked/protected the door.
    A “haiku picture “(with green leaves in it)
    From Felisol

  20. That is very interesting. I wonder why the red?

  21. Isn’t it nice to know that there is so much beauty in the world? Even in a boarded up building! Great RT shot. Thanks for the visit. Feel free to stop by often.

  22. Some one went to a lot of work to coordinate for it to be boarded up. What a shame.
    Sorry internet’s acting up, I wasn’t able to catch you yesterday! Thanks for the visit!

  23. That’s the fanciest boarded up building I’ve ever seen.

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