Twin Towers: Eight Years Later


When the Towers fell,
we watched in stunned disbelief
as our dreams crumbled.

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Every time I am in that part of the city, I go by to see how the reconstruction is coming. It is still hard to look at the hole in the ground but it is good to see things coming alive in that area again. It is once again a bustling area.

    The subway still says E to World Trade Center. No one who has been there (or not) will ever forget.

    My husband and I went down to the site the first weekend after it happened. Although I couldn’t get too close (he got close because he worked for power utility), I saw ash all over the place. And, the quiet in the area was eerie.

    I was in the Trade Center a week before the attack and still get chills thinking that if school had not started, I might have been inside.

  2. It was a mentally exhausting day; my 8th graders were very young so they don’t have the memories. I, too, posted haiku!

    God bless you and America…

  3. I was melancholy all yesterday, and that feeling carried over into today. God Bless America. I will never forget…

  4. Still such an emotional day for Americans.

    Thinking of all the victims and families on that day.

    We must never forget . . . .

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