Ruby Tuesday: Tired Motel

Prescott.27.28 July.2009 007

In a tired motel
two faded red thrones await
wannabe sovereigns.

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. In that tired motel
    those thrones were not used instead
    presidents were sired.

  2. At least it looks like the sovereigns could have a nice conversation with each other and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on the little table between them.

    But the light doesn’t look strong enough for book reading.

  3. They look like they could be very welcoming after a long days drive.

  4. thanks a lot for the visit…i love the style and color of the chairs..happy RT!

  5. where hotel is this? wanna check in there..wink!

  6. thanks for the visit in my humble home! tc! love that poem and the red chairs!

  7. Nice chairs and shot for RT!
    Great words too 🙂

  8. nice shot for Ruby….

    thanks for visiting mine

  9. Something about those chairs makes me want to just tilt them a little towards each other.
    Is it that I want those soverigns to make peace with each other?

  10. Antique chair,my favorite seat. Happy RT

  11. Your poetry evokes enough sentiment to take a second look.
    When doing so the hotel room disappears and I see the gentle curve of the chair arm, the beveled table edge and the ornate style of the lamp set off center.
    Had to smile at Jim’s response.

  12. Sure looks like a cosy nook. Happy RT! 😀

  13. Reminds me of rooms I’ve spent the night in on the road ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. This is just marvelous. Evokes much deja vu. I think I have stayed in this room.

  15. Red, red is the color of my true love’s … chair?

  16. Love your command of words to set the tone for the photo, it honestly makes me smile every time!
    TY for the visit.

  17. Love those chairs! Wouldn’t mind giving them a home. Nice pic of them.

  18. Very evocative photo. There’s something about empty chairs, especially two of them.

  19. Are you …sure? No matter, I will take your word for it…and..they are after all…RED!

  20. Interesting motel pic !

  21. One can sense the tiredness. There’s a sense of quiet resolution about their fate. Nicely framed shot, letting the viewer feel a sense of reverence.

  22. Hmmmm…those like like a chair I have in my livingroom!lol
    Love to sit there after a hard day’s work!

  23. Very creative caption to the photograph. Thanks for commenting on my RRT blog post. Hope your week is going well.

    Scent-sationally yours

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