Shadow Shot Sunday: Shadow-Tree

Shadow Shot Sunday logo1
20.Sept.2009 002

Shadow-tree blooming
upon russet wall, have you
fruit for me today?

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. i so love
    what a

  2. There is warmth and a longing for friendship in this lonely tree shadow…how good of you to become friends…I’m a tree hugger too!

  3. what a lovely delicate feathery shadow…

  4. Lovely shadow shot, warm with color and your always beautiful and meaningful words!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Fruit for you today
    now and ever will not be
    barren spirit me

    Happy 6WS!

  6. Such vibrant color! I like that you can’t see the tree that created the shadow…it appears painted on the brick! Love it!

  7. The shadow of the tree softens the straight edges on the building. The building has that look of nature in the subtle shadow. A nice capyure!

  8. Trees DO make wonderful silhouettes!

  9. lovely shadow, lovely colour to the wall too

  10. Looks clayish! Seems the tree is drawn in the wall. Perfect colour combination. Subtle… clinically clean and awww… GREAT, indeed! No more words I can utter.

    U got it all, girl!


  11. That is a lovely soft shadow and the russet of the wall is glowing.

  12. It’s amazing how the shadows of warm spirits seem to know one another! Great poem and image!

  13. Love the wall and shadow superimposed!
    Lovely poem.

  14. Perhaps pecans will
    fall, thudding on the sidewalk.
    I love pecan pie!

  15. Lovely pattern on the wall.


  16. Beautiful. subtle, love the orange 🙂 Enjoy your day

  17. lovely warm shadow 🙂

  18. The shadow of an unseen tree. Beautiful.

  19. I do like the angle as well as the shadow – thanks always for your haiku

  20. Your wonderful shadow shot makes one stop and reflect on the simple beauty that surrounds our every day lives, Thanks!
    Kind regards, Pam 🙂

  21. I see the ghost of a tree haunting the brickwork.

  22. So mom was wrong all those years. Shadows DO IN FACT grow on trees!

    Wait, that was money. Never mind. (ha ha)

    Nice shot!

  23. Lovely tree shadow on a hot wall.

  24. We agree….we love the warmth & softness of this shadow…and that great stripe in the brick! So….does the tree have fruit to offer?
    LOVED our geranium in the cranium haiku 🙂 very funny!

  25. beautiful soft peaceful shadow shot.
    I love your poetry, Thanks for leaving some on my blog!

  26. I love that you can’t see the tree the shadow comes from. Great Capture!

  27. Wonderful shadow shot! I love the perspective and the interesting balance of color too …
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. This is just beautiful- and so perfect for an early autumn picture!!


  29. Your shadow shot raises feelings of the unknown in me, things with no name, and no substance. Beautiful picture and beautiful words.
    Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your gentle words for me.

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