Mellow Yellow Monday: Meadow

Ebbetts.Monitor 005

wildflower carpet,
mottling high-mountain meadow—
footprints of fairies

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Hi! Nice flowers. Meadows are wonderful places.

  2. Yes, I do think the fairies have left their footprints there.

  3. One last glimpse of beauty at summer’s end.
    Lovely haiku as always.

  4. lovely haiku…

    wild flowers have a certain innocence in them…

  5. Nature has arranged the colours and sizes perfectly- a beautiful post.

  6. Wildflowers have such a pristine beauty that can only be the work of fairies! (Fairies haven’t learnt about genetically modified products thank goodness!) Great photo and haiku!

  7. Nice color mix. Meadows are lovely places to wander.

  8. Lovely shot and haiku.
    Happy Monday! my entry is here.

  9. As usual, your poetry is as cool as your picture. Footprints of fairies…. Makes the mountain side even more magical.

  10. Marvelous haiku and picture.

  11. I like the photo, but wish it enlarged. I bet it fabulous. Love your haiku also.

  12. What lovely wildflowers and marvelous Haiku ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Wildflowers are so beautiful especially when they bloom.

  14. Great photo and wonderful poetry, you are so talented! Thanks for stopping by =)

  15. That is a gorgeous carpet of flowers! Beautiful!

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