Mellow Yellow Monday: Parrot

Panama.October.2009 019

Even in a cage
you retain your regal mien,
resplendent parrot.

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo taken at El Nispero, El Valle de Anton, Panama
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  1. wow! nice parrot.. i love its color! thanks for viewing mine 🙂

  2. Oh what a lovely bird!

    Here’s my mellow yellow little chef.

  3. Beautiful bird, lovely yellow photo!

  4. I have a neighbor that has six large cages in her yard with two parrots in each. They take over the sun room in cold weather. Beautiful birds but the cawing can get to be a bit much some mornings.

    Love your shot and thanks for the nice poetry on my yellow dishes.

  5. what a parrot… nice one. Love to have one at home!

  6. My entry i forgot. Kindly check out my entry here.

  7. What a colorful bird!

  8. That’s a pretty yellow parrot. I wonder what he thinks of the cage.

  9. He is a beauty and just enough blue to join Blue Monday at Smiling Sally’s…if he wanted.

  10. Magnificent birds these parrots are!

  11. Beautiful parrot ;–)
    Sacred Ruminations
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. That is a splendid yellow on that beautiful bird!

  13. What a beautiful picture. I once owned a parrot just like it.

  14. It looks lonely, but very yellow.

  15. The parrot is just beautiful and I love your little poems. Thanks for visiting my blog. B : )

  16. Beautiful colorful parrot. Thanks for sharing your MYM.

  17. I love to see parrots because they have colourful feathers and they can even talk.

  18. He’s indeed regal and lovely.
    He looks at you abit like he wonders if you can do magical things with your camera. Like free him.
    Well, you gave him a bit of free spirit by taking his pic and showing it to us 🙂

  19. Great picture of your Macaw. Very colorful.

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