I woke up to snow this morning—about five inches’ worth—and hoped fervently that school wouldn’t be canceled, because I was supposed to have the first of my two annual evaluations and I wanted to be done with it.

In past years, I’ve concocted dazzling dog-and-pony shows for my evaluators, but with the recent death of my brother, I was too tired to try to impress anyone. I figured my principal could take me just the way s/he found me when s/he walked into my classroom. Apparently the casual approach was the right approach, because among the comments s/he scribbled on the evaluation form were these:

…designs lessons appropriate with adjustments to individual student needs.

Student behavior was excellent. [Of course it was—I had warned them sternly that the principal was coming and they had better behave!] All students were on task and learning.

…makes difficult concepts simple and understandable to the students.

…is always friendly to staff and students. He is professional at all times.

…takes part in staff meetings and runs a good IEP meeting.

All of my ratings were either “satisfactory” or “excellent.” Still, I have to agree with one of my colleagues, who says of the formal evaluation process, “It’s the most barbaric practice I know of.”

One barbarism down, and one to go!

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  1. Even after all these years, when evaluations mean nothing, I still get uptight when an admin walks in the room. My best lessons have always been the ones I did nothing special in.

    Congrats. Now you can relax.

  2. Yep I’m here! Still definitely teaching and coaching!

    I’m assuming you’re formerly ‘first year teacher’ from nevada? did you move?

    I kinda blog at the trithisfresno address above but have been so busy with water polo no time at night to blog! check out the pictures here to see what i’ve been up to:



    http://picasaweb.google.com/mclanepolo (lots of pics)

    and, http://www.youtube.com/dormanmath has a recent video of me as ‘faculty king’ at homecoming two weeks ago. trying to dance… hope you are doing well!

  3. The best teachers are the ones who are good and effective during their “everyday” lessons! Anyone can put on a dog-and-pony show, but only a few teachers maintain a high standard.

  4. We do not have that Evaluation in Sweden – maybe a good thing.
    I happy for you it all went well for you.

    And yes it is always good to be missed and the kids really show it when you come back.

    A splash of pink laundry and some yellow on that car.


    Ps. Hope there will be a good principal for you 2 months now.

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