Ruby Tuesday: Ship

RubySlippers1.jpgmorris copy
Panama.October.2009 255

Panama Canal
Chinese ship squeezing through locks
sailing to home port

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Posted on November 9, 2009, in my digital photos, my senryu, Panama, Ruby Tuesday. Bookmark the permalink. 25 Comments.

  1. Chinese flags are red
    Happy RT, MMT
    Canal locks lift high

  2. Cool shot. I love the colors in teh photo.


  3. locks are exciting places! cool shot!

  4. great shot!

    Please come and find out what our little fashionista has to say.

  5. I not only like the red but the other primary colors in this shot!

  6. That must have been quite a sight! Lucky you! Thanks for stopping by Monastery Daily Photo.

  7. Someday I hope to visit the Panama Canal. I can only picture the sites in my mind from others like yourself that share. thanks.

  8. Lots of vibrant colors, intricate forms and shapes on that Chinese boat.
    From felisol

  9. Amazing photo!!!

    My R T is posted. In honor of Veterans [kinda sorta]…it’s museum quality to be sure.

    Click Here

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  10. There’s so much detail in this shot. It’s fun trying to figure out what everything is and does.

  11. Isn’t it amazing how big some of those ships are and some barely squeeze through the locks. Can’t miss those flags!

  12. Just caught the tail end of the ship… the important part with RED flags and RED deck! Happy Ruby Tuesday! 🙂

  13. Interesting angle of the ship! So many tones of red including a red deck, flags, life raft and drum! Very clever!

  14. Lots of red there in that one shot. Very nice!

  15. great composition!
    I would love to visit the canal

  16. Your senryu are
    inspiring and a joy
    to encounter here.

  17. I love seeing different parts of the world. Thanks for sharing. HRT

  18. dear magical..i love the chinese flag with the big star and all the little stars around it.
    i must google it…there must be a meaning behind how many little stars there are and what the big star stands for..
    real nice post and real nice little poem as usual dear magical teacher…love terry

  19. Cools shot, I’d love to see the Panama Canal.

  20. i always love red color, it brings good luck in Chinese people. love your post, happy rt.

  21. nice one…i wish to travel in panama canal

  22. are you on board as you took this photo? how I wish!

  23. happy RT…thanks for sharing this photo!

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