Merit Pay for All

The president has this to say:
“All teachers should get merit pay.
Their checks will be more
If their students score
At top of the curve on test day.”

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Thus speaks the president. To read what many teachers think about merit pay, click here.

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  1. Too many hoops to jump through.
    Not enough time for the kids.
    So this is what teaching has come to.
    Education is now on the skids.

  2. Right now, I work for a principal that likes me and I could see myself getting merit pay, even if my results aren’t great because he knows what I do and respects the fact that I always work with the bottom. But, that hasn’t always been so. The las principal hated me and I could have had the best results in the city and he would have found a way to discredit me. Merit pay will never work.

  3. I cannot see merit pay being of value. Especially for teachers who work in low-income, specific areas. Test scores do not assess a teacher’s merit. It is in the love of learning.

    I have written a lot about this. And reflected much. Especially, with principals who did not like me.

  4. The President he is a pip
    For letting remarks like that slip
    If I had my way,
    we’d give teachers fair pay
    and not make then hope for a tip

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