Shadow Shot Sunday: Lamp

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Here&There 062

One indigo lamp,
its shadow stronger than light—
where, then, is the path?

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on November 14, 2009, in my digital photos, my haiku, Shadow Shot Sunday. Bookmark the permalink. 30 Comments.

  1. I love the shadow,
    shot of a dark lamp that may
    or may not come on.

  2. Delightful shot and lovely words as always!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. That’s a very clear shadow of the lamp, and so wonderful to see!

  4. What a strong shadow on the light shadow of the blinds! Love your haikus as well 🙂 they make us smile!

  5. The shadow is a bit different than the lamp itself – more squat, wider and a bit misshapen. In fact, the shadow almost evokes an arrow (to me, anyway) placed art a 45 degree angle. Stylish thy are, both lamp and shadow!

  6. A perfect shadow/haiku combination! Very nice!

  7. Perfect shadow shot capture!


  8. Very creative you are! 😉
    Happy SSS to you.

  9. Love the verse and the strong dark lamp shadow!

  10. clean, fine lines! very crisp shadow shot.

  11. Nice shadow! Happy SSS!

    ps. please go back to my SSS page – there’s a messege about links, thank you!

  12. A neat lamp and shadow shot. Nice definition.

  13. perfect ss! & your words are always inspiring!

  14. Loving the colour texture of you shot. B&W with the sunlight? What can I ask for more.

    Perfect and very neat shot.

    Enjoy your SS…

  15. A shade, a shadow –
    However, the lamp is full
    Of bright ideas.

  16. Great shadow shot! Thanks for stopping over to see mine too 🙂

  17. Only thing missing is a “dark” book to read

  18. this is a nice strong shadow.

  19. Clear crisp shadow 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. Yummy shot!

    On standby ready;
    Waiting for the beckoned call
    To shed light on dark

  21. Wonderful verse…I would say the path is in your minds eye…

  22. ‘A shadow stronger than light’. I like it!

  23. Very creative! A lamp outmanoeuvred by it’s own shadow.

  24. Great shot! I’ve never seen a lampshade that dark and that opaque before.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my SS!

  25. The shadow is more than meets the eye; it is crossed by other shadows from the slats of the open blind.
    Thanks for the visit!

  26. Like it a lot, make me feel and think. Think I become present in the room

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