SkyWatch Friday: Frosted Window



Through frosted window
frigid sky begins to glow—
holy, holy fire.

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on November 27, 2009, in my digital photos, my haiku, Sky Watch Friday. Bookmark the permalink. 20 Comments.

  1. Beautiful 😉
    This is a site we just don’t see where I live in Southern California near the beach. Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Wow! Just gorgeous photo! Sounds very cold!

    Thanks so much for your visiting and comment.

  3. Very interesting photo. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. That is a lovely icy Sky Watch showing for today. It is pretty to look at, but trust we do get that here. I will take the heat over ice any day.

  5. What a lovely shot! Not one you see there very often, I bet!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. this looks like pressed skeletized leaves…unique for SWF.

    thanks for visiting my dark sunset.

  7. Magical photograph!

  8. I hope this does not happen to our windows for a long time! Thanks for your visit…wish I could write the way you do.

  9. Great shot! I would love to see that happening in person.

  10. What a cool frotsy view. Very pretty.

  11. Sieht sehr kalt aus. Brrrrrr
    Die Eisblumen und im Hintergrund noch dazu ein Sonnenuntergang, fantastisch.
    Bei uns ist es für die Jahreszeit viel zu warm, man könnte meinen der Frühling kommt.

  12. Wow, very cool. I have not seen frost on a window like that for 6 years! I can’t wait!

    My SWF

  13. Beautiful! The frost lines make a very intriguing snap. Nice capture.

  14. This is very lovely. I wonder why frost sometimes moves in straight lines like here, and at others makes ferns?

  15. Ice feathered fingers
    etched across frozen clear glass
    frame the distant glow.

    An extraordinary photo…:)

  16. I do like the ice crystals, very pretty, but rather too cold for me!

  17. Wow! Cool picture and nice capture of the light!

  18. I absolutely love frost! Pretty!!!

  19. Really great shot, Yhanks for sharing

  20. This is a photo of something I have never actually seen in real life. Brrr! I love the sunset out the window.

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