Shadow Shot Sunday: Koi



hungrily the koi
scuttle through turbid waters
hunting scraps of food

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher
For more Shadow Shots, click here.
Photo taken at El Nispero, El Valle de Antón, Panama

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  1. What a great shadow shot! Love koi and their colors are lovely!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Beautiful creatures, these. There are some very large ones in a pond near us. They breed, the herons breed, life comes full circle and we hope the herons miss a few so the cycle can continue.

  3. Beautiful and unusual shadow shot. I like that little one with black and white speckles.

  4. These guys are colorful, the shadows not. They almost appear like a school of piranha, but somewhat nicer and more pleasant – colorful fellas!

  5. Koi – they are not coy:
    Invasive, destructive; no
    Gold lining in them.

  6. My neigbor has a
    koi pond but the blue heron
    sweeps down and eats them.

  7. Aren’t they having the most wonderful time – do they know that the Dark Side Fish are entering the scene, upper right corner? Let’s not tell them.

  8. Koi cruising with stealth
    Yet loud are their bright colors
    Heralding their way

  9. Great shot -these fish are so colourful!

  10. i took picture of exact same type just few days ago..i am so surprised..

    great haiku!!

  11. The Chinese like the koi. We had the Christmas in the Park. Great success, so many people came.

  12. Koi are so wonderful to watch. I find very peaceful and relaxing.

  13. Oh, I just love Koi … great shot!

  14. The koi are so beautiful…like beautiful flowers floating in water…LOVE IT!!!

  15. I love to watch Koi! Lovely shadows 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. OH love the KOI!!!
    Thanks for the visit today as well!

  17. Fish shadows! Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Love the poem too.

    Thanks for stopping by at mine and for the gift of poetry in your comment.

  18. I love watching koi…most of them are so colorful.

  19. It’s a lovely colourful fish. Yes there are shadows below the surface too. Nice shots!

  20. That looks like a cool place to be right now. I wish I was one of those pretty little fishees. Just for a little while though… I don’t fancy eating seaweed, sea snail poop or whatever those fish eat. A very pretty shadow shot 🙂

  21. Colorful creatures create capture of cool shadow.

    Or something like that! They are pretty. 😉

    Happy Shadow hunting!

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