Ruby Tuesday: Milkmaids


Eight maids a-milking
approach the cow warily,
afraid she might kick!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo of the Christmas tableau “Eight Maids A-Milking” taken at The Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia.
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  1. LOL your caption made me laugh…your photo is wonderful! fun shot!

  2. What a wonderful display – I had to squint to see if they were real or not!

    …Red Bush

  3. This image does best enlarged, really nice scene.

    My ruby

  4. Nice Christmas picture. The mystery is now solved. I had wondered if there would be eight cows, one for each maid. Of course, one must milk while the others sing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amazing….I wish our community did something like this!!

    My Ruby Tuesday is posted HERE –scroll down below the Heads or Tails Meme to find it tho!

    Happy day to you.

  6. omigoodness. that is so pretty. i MUST go to the gardens again someday and at Christmas time.

  7. that’s really lovely!

  8. LOL, great shot, great prose.

  9. Wonderful sculpture. Don’t know if it’s exactly a sculpture, but I can’t think of anything else to call it!
    Reminds me of Frank Kelly’s “12 days of Christmas”- google it, it’s hilarious!

  10. What a lovely scene! Haven’t seen one like that.

  11. I guess the maids are utilizing the strength-in-numbers strategy to subdue said heifer…

  12. What an unusual photo. I love it!

  13. That is totally marvelous!! B : )

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