Ruby Tuesday: Bridge


Where will it take me,
crimson bridge spanning small stream?
Shall I cross over?

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo taken at The Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia.
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  1. There’s a bridge that would be fun to cross. Or dawdle and look underneath.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Although you can’t tell it from the photo, it was raining the day I crossed the bridge–and I had to do it gingerly, lest I slip. Had it been a sunny day (rare at this time of year in British Columbia), I would have taken your suggestion and dawdled or looked underneath!

  2. That must have been in a Japanese or Chinese garden. It looks so inviting.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      You are exactly right! It is the Japanese garden–a most serene and magnificent place–at The Butchart Gardens!

  3. How I love to stop by that bridge
    Cling on the crimson rails
    And throw stones in the stream!

  4. How I love to stop by that bridge
    Cling on the crimson rails
    And throw stones into the stream!

  5. that’s a fabulous bridge! i’d love to pose on the crimson rails.:p

  6. Lovely bridge, it looks like it would be in a beautiful garden.

  7. It looks like a bridge one wouldn’t want to burn.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Of course not! Because then how would you move from one side of the magical stream to the other? How would you get from the profane side to the sacred? 🙂

  8. I’ve always wanted to turn our back yard into a Japanese garden!!! Love the red bridge!!

  9. Beautiful red bridge! Thanks for visiting!

  10. very pretty i can imaigine a mystical place that the bridge leads too

  11. What a serene looking spot, lovely photo.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Even though the rain was falling, quite heavily at times, the day we visited, the Japanese garden was a haven of peace, this spot in particular.

  12. Oh, the Japanese garden! It’s always such a special place to visit.

  13. Nothing like the Japanese section of any garden! This is another beautiful scene created by the Japanese. I saw so many of these kinds of scenes while visiting Japan in the last few years…such fond memories!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I’m glad the photo awakened good memories for you! This was my first experience ever in a Japanese garden. It won’t be the last.

  14. I was hit by the biggest smack of deja vu when I saw this and read this, Mary. No matter; it felt great.

  15. The bridge is a fine arc over the water below. A cute crossing, it sits as a wonderful adornment in the woods…

  16. Beautiful picture. Wish I had that in my backyard!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Thanks for stopping by, Alisa. I think many backyards would be improved by the addition of a crimson bridge! 🙂

  17. A very cute little bridge! It looks as if it could lead to some fantasy land!

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