Mellow Yellow Monday: Dog Man


All the dogs love him,
old man dressed in yellow—his
pockets bulge with treats.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo taken at the harbour, Nanaimo, BC
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  1. O such a cute moment to see!

  2. hi, very good man treating dogs with care. visiting here have a happy day.

  3. Great shot. Yes, it looks like they’re circling around him waiting for a treat! Very cute…

  4. They know what they want! Man and dogs look like they’re having a lovely time.

    We traveled to Vancouver Island once a long time ago, docking at Nanaimo and driving into the City. It’s a great memory.

  5. great shot! Nice jacket!

    Visit mine here!

  6. Perfect MYM! Thanks for stopping by to see mine 🙂

  7. i always love to see dogs and i have one shih-tzu.. you just got a very nice thoughts for MYM!!

  8. That’s one of the treats in waiting for the ferry…watching the dogs as they play on the grass.

  9. Does the dog man know that you took his picture? Great shot

  10. I love the doggies – so well behaved! And that yellow jacket hard to miss.


  11. He must be a very nice person if all dogs love him !

  12. cool jacket! and the dogs are all so cute! thanks for the visit!

  13. Fun shot … illustrates the reason I gave up carrying treats a long time ago. LOL
    Hugs and blessings,
    My Mellow Yellow is at Small Reflections

  14. Closer to my house
    Yellow jackets have six legs
    And want to sting me.


  15. The best way to get
    a critter to behave is
    with a dog biscuit.

  16. No wonder the dogs like the yellow jacket man if he got the pockets full with treats. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Poodles all around
    Tails wagging, noses sniffing
    May I have a treat?

    Thanks for the visit!

  18. Lovely post! I’m sure they can smell the treats. 🙂

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