Shadow Shot Sunday: Worn Bricks


My heel scuffs worn bricks
and tales spring up of those who
walked here long ago—
drunkards, children, prostitutes,
ministers and businessmen.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo taken in Pioneer Square, Seattle.
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  1. I really like your tanka and the picture is perfect!
    Wonderful post.
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. You can almost hear the bustle of activity that once traveled these cobbled bricks…ancient history and wonderful shadow image!

  3. Those bricks were placed when this tree was planted as a mere shrub. The growth of this flora and its roots have loosened the mortar and the bricks seem to be gloating. Nice tree, nice brickwork gone awry…

  4. Wonderful photo (but not so wonderful for those wearing high heels to walk there!!)

  5. So many ghosts must walk these stones. Glad the city kept some for historical reasons!
    Great shot

  6. Thoughtful response to your interesting cobblestone capture.
    Hugs and blessings,
    Small Reflections

  7. Nice shot. Streets of NY are paved with these bricks, called Belgian Block. They were used as ballast in empty ships coming from Europe to the new world and left behind when the ships returned laden with goods from the new young country. I wonder what is the origin of these old bricks in Seattle.

  8. I’ve been there to visit! I LOVE Pioneer Square! So many interesting thins there and what a great shadow shot and textures you’ve captured.

  9. Lovely poem and great shot! Seattle does have some wonderful stories (I suppose all large cities do, but yours is one of the cities I’m most familiar with.) Thanks for the memories!

  10. I love the feeling of history that old bricks and cobblestones impart. Thank you for this shot.

  11. Those bricks have quite the memories! Unique and interesting Shadow Shot.

  12. If only bricks could talk. ^_^


  13. Interesting to imagine the slice of life that trod on those bricks. Everyone from prostitutes to ministers, eh?

    Enjoy the weekend, MMT

  14. I like it, the bricks, the words.

  15. Bricks with a history for sure!

  16. The roughly hewn bricks add so much personality to the otherwise bland walkway! And the touch of shadows seem to mark places to pause and perhaps notice awhile! One of those shadows happens to be a tree! And love that tanka!

  17. Love the cobblestone, love the story that goes with it as well.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Oh, I heard only PART of the story, I’m sure–the part that would cause the least amount of embarrassment to the most people! 🙂

  18. ahhhhh…you got me on this one. LOVE the green hue of the bricks!!!

  19. Love the shot and the poem!

  20. How lovely they look with their uneven surface and faded colours.

  21. very cool shot. i love the texture and color and shadow i see here.


  22. Very cool shot. My first response was to think if only those bricks could talk! Then I read your verse! ~ks

  23. Lost tales of children.
    Girls who became prostitutes
    Boys grown to drinking,
    Then businessmen, Ministers,
    Customers of erstwhile girls.


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