Six-Word Saturday: Persistence


I can’t imagine quitting teaching—ever.

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  1. When I counted this week, it was about 10 students who had drained the lifeblood out of me. That means there were over a hundred who hadn’t.

    I need to reach out and embrace the hundred and let the 10 know that I will help them but not obsess about them.

  2. You are probably the teacher every parent wants their kid to have.

  3. My sister is a retired teacher…I remember her saying the very same!!!

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a blessed Easter Sunday tomorrow!!

  4. Can’t imagine going back to work!

    JzB the wired, on-the-road trombonist

  5. Well – wireless, to be totally accurate.


  6. ~may you always carry such feeling within…to l♥ve what you do is a wonderful gift…if only there were MANY other teachers who felt the same…a blessing you are…well wishes and blessings aplenty this holiday weekend~

  7. I am glad there are teachers

  8. That’s awesome that you enjoy it so much!!!

  9. Teaching does kind of get into your blood, doesn’t it? Happy Easter!

  10. That makes me really excited about the fact that I’m starting school to obtain my Master’s in Education!

  11. Thanks for stopping by & have a happy Easter weekend!


  12. I neve thought I would be saying this, but quitting is on my mind all the time lately.

    I hope your good feelings last. Mine lasted over 30 years.

    Happy Easter.

  13. Teaching is the best profession even on the worst day!

  14. The children are lucky to have a teacher like you!

    Happy Easter!


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