Shadow Shot Sunday: Stone Stories


If these stones could speak,
what dark stories would they tell?
Hush, child, listen well.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo taken in southern Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.
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  1. oh yes, the tale of the stones. i would definitely sit and listen.

    happy sss! have a great weekend.

  2. It looks a wise old stone – so stories of wisdom I would guess – nice shot

  3. The stone tells a story for he ages. I almost see a rock sculpture that is shaped like the shell of a desert turtle. The look of the desert we think is bleak, but we do see much beauty if we take the time to look at it…

  4. In our last garden, we had a stony area – your shadow shot reminded me of happy times there!

  5. I wonder what stories they would tell too. The age they are is quite mind boggling. When is someone going to invent a stone language translator?

  6. What a marvelous shadow shot! And, yes, what stories those old stones could tell! I would love to listen to them! Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. The rocks almost look like a turtle. Great capture.

  8. Nice shadow capture, MMT. I wonder if these stones could tell us about the dinosaurs. Or maybe the Wild West.

    Have a great week shadow seeking!

  9. How perfectly natural…what a wonderful shadow it casts in this sunny desert environment…it’s the simple things…right!

    Have a wonderful weekend too!!!

  10. Wonderful haiku! Love your thought processes with this one.

  11. Ah, stones such as these are very old and know much! 🙂

    Over Front Door

  12. Nice. I really like the texture of the rock, and all the micro-shadows it creates.

  13. Beautiful, haunting haiku to complement the silence of the multi-sized rocks and their shadows!

  14. Magical and mystical indeed. Love the haiku and the rocks worn round by eons.

  15. They would be saying, “Please don’t use us in your stone soup!”
    Lovely poems as always and I most certainly enjoyed the one you penned for me. Thanks!

  16. Love the haiku and the stone shadow!

  17. No moss on those stones – they really must have some fascinating stories to tell. If only they could speak. Beautiful image!

  18. Very nice photo, lovely haiku!

  19. One rock among so many. I love thinking: Why this rock, in this place, at this time?


  20. I wonder if they would tell of where they came from

  21. I love stones, to touch and feel and to enjoy in my garden.

  22. I think the silence of stones allows us to make up on our own stories. I think that is good.

    Loved the haiku for my Emily Dickinson post. I don’t know how you do it, but it is very much appreciated!

  23. Perhaps this rock would tell the stories of the lives that lives under it.
    Beautiful shot. I love and live in the desert myself.

  24. “Touch me, be gentle…I’m a nice stone, round and pleasant to touch…don’t be afraid, play with me…”

    Happy SSS greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!


  25. Very interesting shot, MMT! Happy Shadow Shot Sunday! 🙂

  26. Your haiku makes me wonder – that’s for sure! reminds me of that expression, “I’d love to be a fly on a wall in that room” only in this case it would be for a very long time!
    nice simple shadows.

  27. I like both your shadow shots this week …and both of the haikus.
    I couldn’t pick a favorite.

  28. hey, nice of you to stop by and for sharing your prose! i am lovin’ your stone stories…kinda reminds me of a turtle who has lost his shell 🙂

  29. Nice shadows and sunlight. Why are humans fascinated with things like stones? I always like to imagine that if I lift one up and touch the ground underneath that I am the first human to have ever have touched that piece of ground. Weird?

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