Shadow Shot Sunday: Orphaned Truck


orphaned truck rusting
leaking sad stories in sand
while lizards listen

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo taken in southern Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.
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  1. You wonder if this truck just gave up the ghost under the dry and hot sky. Unlike up here and road salt, the metal is perfect on the cab although it it unusable. Like scavenging animals, the scavengers consumed the good parts of the truck, too…

  2. Great shadow shot and love your words, as always! Have a great weekend!


  3. abandoned but loved by those passing by-those who stop to take a picture. very nice!

  4. amazing shot – the contrast of the rusting man-made object and the magnificent mountains of Nature…

  5. Nothing like the patina of rust…and I’m listening to it’s song of the desert right there next to the lizzard!

    Have a wonderful sunny weekend!

  6. Loving the rusty mode of that orphange truck! Pity…

    Have a wonderfu w/end.

  7. Love the old rusty truck shell – never know what you’ll find in the desert!

  8. What a poignant shot – I love it. We walked away from a car once, way back when we only had one baby. I like to think it found a good home – not that it deserved it!

  9. haunting haiku with this lonely shot.

  10. Love the idea of the truck “leaking sad stories” + only lizards listening! Very creative post!

  11. Leapin’ listenin’ lizards. That is quite the truck.

  12. Great shot and alliteration!

  13. Do the lizards really listen?

    Love the Haiku you always share, MMT! You are so talented.

  14. Great Shot, Super Great Words

  15. I hope its loved…Joan

  16. Twisted, abandoned piece of metal. Beautiful mountains in the background.

  17. yes that’s an old truck with stories to tell…

  18. Like the photos of old crumbling dilapidated buildings, when was the last time it was driven? I’d love to know the story of every old relic of society. Your Haiku tells us some and our imagination can tell the rest of the story.
    Next time I’m out in the Southwest, I’m gonna stop and talk to that person with a camera walking around the ruins of buoldings, rusty hulks, cactus and brush, it might be you.
    I didn’t do Shadow Shot this week. Busy with other things. Please have a look at Round Circle

    Peace to all.

  19. lovely poetry, great photo

  20. Love rust! also like this shadow imagexlynda

  21. Poor old thing! At least it has had another go at living on through your poem.

  22. Of the two, this is my favorite. There is something sad and thought provoking in these words and shot.
    Thank you for honoring my post with your haiku.

  23. Do wish people wouldn’t leave their rubbish laying around! Nice shot.

  24. Where’d the driver go?
    Did he ever get back to
    {Thanks for the haiku on my blog!}

  25. This is such a strange find. I wonder what the story is that goes behind this…it looks really neat in the setting.

  26. Hmmmm….looks like a Dodge or a Ford. Can you tell I’m an old truck aficionado? Chevys steal my heart though. Love this shot!

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