Haiku Bones & Shadow Shot Sunday


What were they hunting?
Only the wind knows, sniffing
among old tombstones.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo taken at Citizens Cemetery, Prescott, Arizona.
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Posted on April 18, 2010, in Arizona, Haiku Bones, my digital photos, my haiku, Shadow Shot Sunday. Bookmark the permalink. 16 Comments.

  1. very interesting photo for Shadow Shot Sunday

  2. ooo scary… great combination as a SSS posting!


  3. Wind sniffing – now that’s dern good. I can see the wind’s infinite tendrils pervading every grain of soil and crevice of headstone. Hunting out traces of the atomyriads which shadow the past lives.

  4. Essences not felt not heard palpable to empty mind we see. Domo.

  5. It’s lovely. The cross looks like it’s standing guard, the keeper of the cemetery.

  6. Lovely shot..fantastic shadow!

  7. Weatherbeaten and
    Eroded by wind and rain,
    That old rugged cross.


  8. so creative! I like the part about the wind sniffing, made me think of my dog Priscilla when I see her sniffing the wind.

  9. Oh, how marvelous!!! Lovely shadows on profound stone.

  10. Great shadow. Happy SSS.
    Thanks for the visit

  11. Beautiful shadows, beautiful poem.

  12. This one makes me wonder, maybe vampires?

  13. wow, great photos of the cross! I love seeing the mountains in the background!

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