Shadow Shot Sunday: Are You?


Stone, are you the one
that holds the world together?
I seek your wisdom.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Somewhere in Northern Arizona.
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  1. Ah, it does look like a wise stone indeed! Great shadow shot and words, as always! Have a great weekend!


  2. Great solid rock shot – looks very aged and wise!!

  3. I love reading your prose every SS. That’s really awesome together with your artistic shots.

    Have a wonderful SS…

  4. Awww yes, we can get much from stones, as my
    SSS tells us also. 😉
    Beautiful shot.

  5. The red rock is from the west, an elegant color – all rock back east is gray. It sits proudly amongst the desert scrub – and looking prettier than the flora, too!

  6. Beautiful picture..Don’t you just wish that rock could talk? I like to hold stones in my hands..just enjoy the feel, something very soothing.
    Happy SSS.

  7. Gorgeous piece of earth there! Always think of rocks like this as seers of Nature, like the sphinx, holding the riddles of our origins. And love the reflective haiku!

  8. Yes, that is a wise looking bit of rock. It has seen a lot, like Gemma said.

    Interesting take on your surroundings. Enjoyed your words, as always.

  9. There is a profile in that stone…

  10. They know more than we could ever imagine.

  11. I’ve noticed how talented you’re with words – here and your comments are deeper than ‘that’s nice’. Lucky you!
    If I don’t have anything wise to say I just leave a greeting – which is always better than no comment at all – you agree?

    Wise stone rocks!

    Have a great week ahead!


  12. The colour of the rock and soil is lovely. Do rocks hold the world together? Hmmmm. The rocks have been around much longer than we have. Maybe they know waht holds the world together, but I doubt it’s them. 🙂

  13. Yes, the stones hold the wisdom of the ages, they are a constant in our world and ever present in the sands of time…wonderful!

  14. Keystone of the world
    Slow to answer, intrepid:
    It’s council is hard.


  15. What texture in that boulder!
    Great shadow shot and haiku!

  16. Great photo of a solid rock, we (the humans) are so young compared to the elements in nature! 🙂

  17. a strong and wise stone indeed…don’t you wonder what secrets it could share?

  18. and what a stone that is … great shot

  19. Fantastic stone and shadows! Such a great shot. 🙂

  20. Beautiful! That ancient red rock does look as if it has important lessons to teach to those who will listen.

  21. I really like the detail in this shot! It almost looks like there are pearls on that boulder.

    Thanks for commenting on my SS!

  22. Beautiful. Character. Ancient. Wisdom.

    Happy SSS!

  23. Very nice on many levels!

    I have an affinity for rocks, and red ones especially draw me, for whatever reason. The earthiness of it I suppose. Great picture 🙂

  24. Excellent question and photo, nicely put.

  25. What an amazing colour and an amazing background I always imagined arizona would be full of tumble weeds 🙂

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