Shadow Shot Sunday: Target Practice


rusty battered can
honeycombed with bullet holes—
sweet target practice

© 2010 Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. The shooter had excellent aim it seems. Good eye-hand coordination is essential if you go out plinking old rusty cans…

  2. Nice! I like the textures in this.

  3. A really interesting shadow shot! And it does have great texture! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. An interesting shot – especially as it’s not one that I would expect to encounter in this country!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Ah, I’m afraid Americans, especially in the Wild West, are fond of their guns! Thanks for stopping by and reminding me that there ARE countries in the world where people aren’t obsessed with firearms! 🙂

  5. Very nice shadow shot and fantastic haiku!
    Have you a great weekend!

  6. There are too many weapons in this world…
    We can’t never be 100% safe.

    Happy SSS weekend from Casa!


    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Oh, I SO much agree with you!!!

      I live in the Wild West where people love their guns more than they love their spouses! 🙂

  7. Now that is a really interesting photo..I once went to what we call “mud flats” and shot a shotgun..Didn’t care for the kick it had and never did it again..Course we girls thought we were cool and could do what the guys did and made like it was nothing.
    Happy SSS.

  8. I love how you’ve made this lowly, holey can into a work of art!

  9. Lovely shot – and better to shoot at an old can than road signs as we encounter here in Australia.

  10. That can has certainly taken a beating!

  11. Please don’t tell Starbux
    that you’ve blown a hole in their
    marketing structure…

  12. great choice of target for shooting with the camera too…

  13. That’s a good shadow shot and an iconic AZ desert image. But I don’t love the idea of target shooting either — and I’m (originally anyway) a westerner. Was interesting to scan through the comments on this one.

  14. Awesome photo…so unique!! Yay! Love it! And thanks for your poetic mist of words..truly appreciated!

  15. it looks a bit like a scene from a science fiction movie
    the sand makes it seem other worldly

  16. Lonely, beat-up can…

  17. Very cool shot. I wonder how old that can is.


  18. That can looks as if it has seen many sunsets! Great subject for a shadow!

  19. I love the colours in the can. Great shadow shot!

  20. Really sharp shadow in a fairly harsh environment. I don’t object to target practice so long as the target is inanimate but then we don’t have much of a gun culture here.

  21. Who would have ever thought this “holy” can would ever be center stage, even in a photograph. This is great and shows you just never know what opportunity lies ahead!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Normally, it irritates me that that people litter the landscape with their castoffs. But this litter was too good to ignore!

  22. Like a lone fortress in the desert, long abandoned by human presence…yet we still scar it’s landscape, uncaring, we litter relentlessly…Nature will consume us in the end…!

    My kinda shot, love it and your haiku, as always!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      In this case, Sweet Repose, nature will also consume the can. Thank goodness for rust! 🙂

  23. Hi!
    That rusty can makes a really interesting shadow. I like all that texture in the picture. Have a great day!

    Sherrie’s Stuff

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Confession: I almost walked by this can without “shooting” it–and then I saw the shadow!

  24. I like your comment to frayedattheedge.
    This shadow SHOT just proves that there’s art everywhere.

  25. I love how the misshapen can can still cast an almost angular shadow. That’ says something about appearances, doesn’t it. 🙂 I’ll call this “The Allegory of the Can” :mrgreen:

  26. holy can batman
    we’ve found their secret lair-
    giant metal worms

  27. Wild pantry ordnance.
    An old tin can filled with lead.
    Were there pot shots, too?


  28. Quite a paradox-that something old, rusty and full of bullet holes can also become an object of ‘art’! The lighting and the shadow certainly helps to make it convincing.

  29. It’s amazing how the light is such that each bullet hole shadow stands out in stark relief against the light of the barrel. I really like this “shot”! :=}

  30. Simply “cool” — love your SS!

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