Haiku Bones: Quietly


Lines found in National Geographic, January 1997
For more Haiku Bones with the theme “Quietly,” click here.

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  1. “moist sigh” is such a sensuous image! Beautiful haiku!

  2. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I am going to have my poetry students do this Monday. Brilliant!

    And thank you ūüėÄ

  3. I like this technique. And the imagery is more relaxed. I went for the Tanka format again My Poem

  4. I love this Haiku. Such a sense of place, a feeling. How long did it take you to excavate the lines from the magazine? Seems like it would take forever.

  5. A Moist Sigh, sigh. I will try to remember that most sensuous line while looking at our mostly foggy days, these days, in hopes that it will help me to enjoy them.

  6. Lovely. I can feel it. Wish I was there instead of in HOT Texas!

  7. A wonderful thought
    to turn a lovely phrase and
    show us the way, hey?

  8. Our Gulf:

    no moment of peace
    through the fog noises heard
    scimmers lifting oil

    I like your haiku. I suggests peace and quiet very well.

    Normally this fog over the valley or water would be the most peaceful scene. But not down her any more!

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