Shadow Shot Sunday: Shimmering


Instead of children,
let us beget shimmering
shadowy dancers!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Shadow of Space Needle on wall of Experience Music Project
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  1. Oh, the photo is so interesting. The colors are glorious!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Come back a little later. I’m working on a haiku (or senryu), but my brain is stuck at the moment!

  2. Lovely colors and shadows.

  3. Lovely shot and beautiful colors!! Have a great day!


  4. I’ll dance to that! Love the shimmery stuff!

  5. At first glance, the ‘needle’ seems an amorphous reflection of something/anything. Yet a longer look reveals a shape, slender – a tree trunk? A light stanchion? Who can say for sure, although still, the object seems to be in motion. A fine capture that keeps us guessing…

  6. lovely shimmering colours!

  7. Such a pretty image – the colours are wonderful – I was going to say ‘like oil on water’ but that wouldn’t be a happy comparison at present 😦

  8. That is really pretty!

  9. Like this! Beautiful colors!

  10. the shimmer is so beautiful!!

  11. Not just one but many shadows in that picture. It makes you keep on looking……

  12. A shimmering shadow very unique! Happy Sunday!

    Shadow Shot Sunday

  13. Very interesting……very beautiful.

  14. I like the way the light shimmer here. And the colours are so warm and cheerful.

  15. Yes! Dancing shadows make a dandy Shadow Shot! Good work.

  16. That is a most interesting shadow. Love the colors too!

  17. There is a real sense of colour in motion! A fascinating image!

  18. Mysterious and beautiful. Lovely shadow dancer!

  19. Wow, this is fabulous – it almost glitters!

  20. Simply gorgeous…almost the same color as my pink chateau, only shimmery…what a cool catch, good eye!!!

  21. What a most interesting shimmering shadow! Great shot!
    Love your haiku as well!

  22. So interesting…reflections are great!

  23. hee! Disco!
    Way cool shot – the colors are fantastic – love it very much!!

  24. Shadowy dancers and the most delicious colours!

  25. Beautiful and very artistic photo. I love the soft colors.

  26. What an interesting shot! A mixture of those colours makes more elegant reflections…

    Have a wonderful SS…

  27. Nice shadow photo!

    Check out my new project, the photo challenge webiste
    Every weekday has its own photo challenge, its different from the other webistes…check it out!

  28. Beautiful colors~ would have loved to see that in person 🙂

  29. wonderful photo, the shimmering colours are magical

  30. Ah – but there is no
    No good, compelling reason
    We cannot do both.

    JzB who has shimmering, shadowy dancing granddaughters

  31. Interesting shadows!

  32. Very pretty! And very interesting!

  33. Wow, that looks amazing, I love the colors. 🙂

  34. VERY interesting and beautiful shadowsxlynda

  35. Fun. Pretty. Colorful!

  36. A truly beautiful shadow dancer! Clever of you to notice it.

  37. Wow! It’s really cool…very abstract.

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