Ruby Tuesday: Door to Wonder


Walk into the worlds
of playwright August Wilson—
wonders await you.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: August Wilson Door, Seattle
For more Ruby Tuesday photos, click here.

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  1. I have never heard of August Wilson but I am going to google and see if I know any of his plays.

  2. You never disappoint! I love this one! Excellent.

  3. I love pics like this, they say so much

  4. oh that’s fabulous! glad to have seen this – we love doors, and this is great! We put old doors in our store, to display, but sometimes they sell – this one would be wonderful to have!
    You’re so clever!!

  5. Terrific picture! And wonderful haiku!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  6. dear musical teacher,
    i have always loved elderly people and the picture of this regal gentleman is just choice..and so is the red door, which looks pretty elderly itself!

    thank you so much for sprinkling magic again on my blog… another poem!
    i must tell you that i value your poetry so much teacher, that i had to delete it from the post you put it in and put it into the treasure box one where it belonged…and i hope that you don’t mind…only thing is i don’t have your nice profile photo but here;s hoping i will hear from you again in the future!
    thanx so much!…….love terry

  7. I like your composition
    the view beyond and the shadows add to the photo

  8. Red doors are my favorite… they make every house and building look better.

  9. Did you see “Fences,” MMT? I saw one of his plays but the name escapes me now.

    Cool red door for a Ruby Tuesday post!

    I like how you captured a bit of the sidewalk going off into the background.

  10. A very special door !

  11. Sorry I don’t know him, but then, I am not very keen in plays.

  12. Nice shot! Your poetry never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for stopping by my RT.

  13. This is a very good choice!

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