Shadow Shot Sunday: Chimes Hello, Japan!


languid summer eve—
no breeze coaxing chimes to sing—
music in my heart

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. love, love, love wind chimes…can hear mine right now…
    have a wonderful weekend mmt.

  2. Oh, yes! I love wind chimes, too! Great shot and delightful words as always! Happy 4th of July! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  3. The chimes sit beautifully under the end-of-day sky, leaving a lavender glow on each tube. A gentle breeze adds musical charm, bot no wind still allows the beauty of its form shine…

  4. Great light and shadow play on your windchimes. My metal ones are broken but my bamboo chimes at least still work.

  5. I just made my first Etsy purchase last week ~ bamboo wind chimes created by a fellow blogger, Morgen in Michigan.

    Nice photo, MMT! I can feel the stillness of the evening.

  6. I do hope a breeze comes your way soon so you can enjoy the wind chime’s song.

  7. Beautiful shadow . Happy you can hear music in your heart.

  8. We have the same chimes – what a sootrhing sound they have!
    Great shdows for the day!

  9. My chimes are still as well, with summer storms approaching, I’m sure I’ll be ringing in the 4th tomorrow…wonderful words as always!

    I just bought a brand new Stannard chime at Good Will…$3.38, you can’t beat that with stick…heehee!

  10. weekdayphotos

    Great Fototriss photos! Check out my photos HERE and see if you can find the odd one out :).

    Also, tomorrow is monday and that means a new week of photo challenges at, as usuall the themes are:

    Monday – Creative Colors (next challenge is WHITE)
    Tuesday – Macro (open theme)
    Wednesday – 2 of a kind (next challenge is ANALOG – DIGITAL)
    Thursday – Urban (next challenge is LIGH POST)
    Friday – Sunset (open theme)

    Check it out and hopefully ill see you on Weekday Photos, have a great sunday!

    Cai –

  11. Wow – we just love the angle of that shot – looks like some big high rise! Our grandma always had chimes on her porch…nothing like sitting out on the porch with a tune in the wind!

  12. One of my fav stuff spec when this hang in trees. I still recall when am a toddler, layin in the hammock and watching the blue sky, bird chirpin & the blow winds & it chimes.

    Loving the sweet memories!

    TY for reminding me (again)… Happy SS & 4th of July in advance.

  13. oh yes, music in my heart too!
    Sunny greetings from Casa and
    happy July 4th!


  14. These are just like my wind chimes on my back verandah! I so love them! A great perspective in this photo!

  15. Now that’s cool! Your wind chime appears to be floating in the sky! I hope a nice breeze comes your way soon 🙂

  16. Lovely evening picture of your chimes. I love the way the music is in your heart even though there is no breeze.

  17. Great shot…there is something about windchimes that I can’t resist!!

    Jeanne 🙂

  18. your composition makes these chimes look like a giant structure floating in the air

  19. nice……..i have the same chimes on my screened porch…lovely sounds!

  20. Every time I go home to visit my parents, I have to get a huge rubber band to silence the wind chimes. I don’t mind them most of the time, but when the wind is blowing ….. they drive me nuts!

  21. Love wind chimes…neat shot!

  22. Wind chimes do have a way of resonating that seems deeper than mere hearing. Love yours.

  23. There are many days when my brain is not able to kick into ‘haiku’ gear! Which is why I hold you in such high esteem!

  24. Lovely! Thanks for joining in the haiku mini-challenge.

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