Ruby Tuesday: Tomatoes


honeyed by hot sun—

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
For more Ruby Tuesday photos, click here.

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  1. delicious indeed — both the fruit and the words. 😉


  2. These look like Sweet 100s, a wonderful treat. Small yet sweet, our potted tomatoes will start to ripen in about 3 weeks. Then the summer salads will be at their peak!

  3. Oh, red tomatoes! Mine are still green and teeny tiny.

  4. I love tomatoes. These look good and have inspired me to make an Italian style tomato, cucumber and onion salad tomorrow.


  5. oh they look so good magical!
    just perfect to put with fried bacon in between two pieces of well buttered burnt toast…..yummy….love terry

    ps..i love your poem as usual!
    thank you so much for leaving me a poem on my blog.
    i feel so rich when you do that!!

  6. Darn. Makes me wish I had put in tomatoes this year. I wonder if it is too late.

  7. Tomatoes and cherries. Cant live without them!. Thanks for sharing.


  8. our tomatoes are all a flower…no red to photograph or eat, YET!

    certainly worth waiting for!

  9. There’s nothing like the taste of vine grown tomatoes! Cute haiku. Have a great week and happy Ruby Tuesday!

  10. Great looking tomatoes, but the words were tastier. :))
    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  11. They look wonderful. Here we’ll have to wait for another 2 months.

  12. Awwwwwwwwwww, tomatoes. One of my favorite foods. AND natures perfection if you want my opinion.

    Mine is: a ruby antique. Do come over for a visit if you can today. I’d love your company.

  13. Yummy fresh tomatoes.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday

  14. So fun to keep up with everything growing in the garden. We try to plant only edibles. Not only vegetables but blueberries, lavender, basil… always something to eat, smell…….. photograph.

    LOVE, LOVE your poetry.


  15. There is nothing that says summer like a warm tomato from the garden. I’m counting the days.

  16. honeyed by hot sun
    delicious, indeed!!
    Can’t wait for the real deal to become available up north.
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. My tomatoes are sure not red yet !!!!!!!

  18. the only tomatoes worth eating … home grown and straight fromthe vine smelling of sunshine. yum.
    My Ruby Redness

  19. We just picked our first few tomatoes from our plants!! Delicious indeed!

  20. looks good!! 🙂
    Nothing better than fresh picked tomatoes!

  21. Oh, absolutely yummy!

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