Ruby Tuesday: Banana


Are they flames of fire
caressing green hanging fruit
or some crimson song?

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
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  1. The many moods of a banana – the colors vary so much from red, to green, to yellow, to brown. I like ’em yellow with nary a trace of brown or green. The ubiquitous banana is not at all in all phases…

  2. From far away, that looked like a woman in a red bonnet and a white blouse. I clicked on the photo, and I saw an elegant flower.

    “or some crimson song?” I’ll go with some old-fashioned sometimes invisible maiden, taking a walk.

  3. does pontianah live there?

  4. I miss those bananas. I used to see plenty of those when I was still in the Phils.

  5. lovely haiku!!!
    delicious…oh what will friday bring???

  6. Beautiful words.

  7. How perfect nature is….


  8. Perfect shot for RT. Love the haiku, too, as usual.


  9. I love bananas! the red thing , we called it the heart of the banana, actually can be eaten. They are cooked in stew or boil and eat as side dish. Even the tiny flowers can be eaten too.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Banana heart! Thank you for that bit of enlightenment, Jama. I’m a desert guy, so I have no idea about jungle things! I was just so excited to see bananas growing in their natural environment that I snapped away with my camera. 🙂

  10. we cook the heart (red hanging part) of the banana as a veggie, it’s considered nutritious. have a good week!

  11. Had to get close to see this beautiful flower. I didn’t know the banana plant had such a crimson “heart”. Thanks to your commenters who explained that flower.


  12. Great shot of the bananas, we saw these while on tour in Costa Rica. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  13. Wow, I love it, that leaf with the ruby love was a great fine. I have use banans leaf before and they are always green.
    My ruby link for you

  14. How intriguing; banana heart. I enlarged the photo and was unable to find out what the “flower”was.
    How poetic to learn that bananas have a heart.
    I think I maybe would have trouble eating it, even though my friend Bloom revel in all kinds of entrails.

    If this is the only thing Ill learn today, I’m satisfied.
    Bananas have a heart. Great!

  15. The source of life for a banana. Beautiful and so unexpected.

  16. What a fascinating shot! The red pops 🙂
    Thank you


  17. Ooo…love the colors in this! Nice photo

  18. In the Philippines we call it banana blossom or banana heart. And there is even a legend story behind it. This banana blossom we can eat it too, of course it had to be peeled to a desired tenderness, then chopped it and then cook it with coconut milk and some herbs. It’s really good! ^_^

    Barnyard Express

  19. A lovely new friend in Portland made my husband and I a delicious banana flower soup when we were there recently. What a thrill to now see one!

  20. Banana heart, love…
    Crimson relecting the sun..
    Delectable truth.

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