Six-Word Saturday: Ten


Students return in only ten days.

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  1. I almost forgot to post mine!! Then I saw your nudge on the side of my blog.

    I am SOOOOO not ready for school to start.

  2. My kids have had 2 wks in now. We go to a yr round school but they also love it. Ten days will prolly go fast.

  3. edshunnybunny

    Yes, the summer went fast, didn’t it? Even after being out of education for 5 years, I still want to buy school supplies when I see the displays! I guess you can take the person out of education, but you can’t take the education out of the person.
    I love your blog template…I’m using the same one 🙂

  4. Let the countdown begin . . . 🙂

  5. always told people
    that the best part of teaching was
    summer vacation

    MMT, I hope you had a good one!
    Happy 6WS! 🙂
    (The next best parts were Christmas and Spring breaks.)

  6. Please strike my ‘the’ as syllable count is too high.
    Teach, I hope you don’t grade me down to harshly for that slip-up. : )

  7. For me, a mom, the first day of school was like a vacation!! LOL

    3-d & A LETTER FROM GOD [written by a dog]

  8. Our lot( school students) only broke up last week so out 5-6 weeks more. And university students broke up over 4 weeks ago and aren’t for 6 to 8 weeks! my 6WS

  9. Students return in only a month!
    The first month went by too fast…I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing about your summer vacation. 😦 How many days until Christmas break?! 😉

  10. Six words: Thank God my kids are grown!

  11. What? Summer just started. Rewards of being old!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      We’re in a weird school district. What can I say? When I was a kid, school didn’t start until after Labor Day. In this district, by the time Labor Day has come, we will have been in school for a month!

  12. Cassiopeia Rises

    My worrying about when THEY(my three sons) were going back is over now, Oh how I wish for the past. Now they are men. Wonderful little story.


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