Shadow Shot Sunday: Into Light


Far mountain whispers,
“Leave every shadow behind,
journey into light.”

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
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  1. very fitting words for the photo…you have a gift my dear. simply lovely.

  2. What a most calming ShadowShot. I can almost hear the birds calls echoing going through the Mexican rainforest.

  3. Very nice photo!

  4. Journey into light – I like that journey…
    Happy Sunday!

  5. The ground is thick with vegetation, crowded with plants and trees. An escape from the thicket might be hard. Contrasting with that is the huge blue sky, the spacious feel we don’t get on the ground. So the intrepid will use the sky for his landmark bearings…

  6. into the light
    I travel, enjoying
    this shadow shot.

  7. Exotic and beautiful patterns of light and shadow.

  8. A lovely invitation paired with a befitting shot. I really enjoyed my one and only trip to PV. You’ve captured the special quality that it has.

  9. Very picturesque.


  10. Lovely landscape
    invites our eyes
    to enjoy nature’s beauty.

    Happy weekend and happy shadow hunting, MMT.

  11. My eye is drawn up to the sky, with the shadows as an afterthought!

  12. Beautiful verses, as always!

  13. What a beautiful mountain vista all sheltered in shadows with beautiful words to serenade…wonderful!

  14. What a beautiful shot, the shadows are gorgeous.

  15. Vacaciones,
    Tiro muy agradable,
    Amo México.

  16. The view is gorgeous from the shadows into the light!

  17. Lovely verse and picture.

  18. Love the photo and the words.

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