Haiku Heights: Bliss


What bliss might this be?
Candied apples just for me—
sinfully sweet treats!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Candy shop window in Pioneer Square, Seattle
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Posted on September 19, 2010, in Haiku Heights, my digital photos, my haiku, Seattle. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Yes, of course…a sinfully delicious treat!! 🙂 Lovely Haiku!!

  2. Those candied apples do look yummy!! Worth a drool!! Definitely Blissful!! 😀

  3. Why sinfully? This must be a happy treat.. Waiting to have my daily bites.. loved it..Thanks!

  4. Mine was about food too, but I’m thinking your candy apples are even better! Nicely done.

    Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/bliss/

  5. SLURPPPP! 😀 deeelicious, MMT..! thanks for sharing..

    My Haiku

  6. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your talent with me. I loved it! You certainly have a creative knack for writing Haiku. Enjoyed your take on the prompt as well.

  7. Oh this is adorable and made me smile! Nothing in the world like a candied apple!

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