Mellow Yellow Monday: Serenity Haiku Heights


Silent my neighbors—
in serenity they lie
beneath cloudless sky.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: San Juan Mission Cemetery, Farmington, New Mexico
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  1. Very deep contemplation, this!

  2. I agree with R’ji, MMT.. this is sort of a serene contemplation!

    Mine is up now too.. good to see you again at Haiku Heights! 🙂

  3. A lump in my throat as I read this! Beautiful and moving haiku.

  4. I love that photo. Your haiku works so well with this.

    Mine’s here.

  5. Pensive and a bit sad.

  6. May they all rest in peace….

  7. a really deep one… 🙂

  8. Life after death … what a statement!
    Good one!

  9. Nice to lie beneath a cloudless sky.


  10. A peaceful scene. Wonder what we can find below the surface…

    Best wishes.


  11. I love the poem. That is quite the picture to go with it.

    Mine is here.

  12. Hmm… the picture looks sad.. But still, a nice shot. Oh, and I love the poem. =)

    Please check out mine. I’d really appreciate it if you could drop a comment too. =)

  13. There is a certain serenity to be found in graveyards… Nice haiku.

  14. Nice shot. I love the poem. Happy MYM.

  15. such a stark setting, the bit of color is such a contrast

  16. Beautiful poem. I like the yellow cross.

    Kay, Alberta

  17. Very peaceful and serene… the words and the photo.

  18. where my son was buried, it is a lawn cemetary, no high crosses like your photo.

  19. Sad but do well crafted my friend xx

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