Watery Wednesday: Pathways      Sensational Haiku Wednesday


watery pathways
wending through wild detritus—
tread gently, pilgrims

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Ebbetts Pass, Northern California
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Posted on October 19, 2010, in my digital photos, my haiku, Northern California, Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Watery Wednesday. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. Such clarity! Great shot for Watery Wednesday.

  2. Looks cool and clean… Happy Wednesday!

  3. Water makes its pathway even through the debris that comes in its way and heads towards its destination. Lovely Haiku !! Very meaningful!!

  4. Such a pretty, pretty photo!!!

    Gulf Coast bird watching photo share Do stop by for a visit if time allows.

  5. A watery path:
    Follow its long winding course
    To the great ocean.


  6. Oh love that! and the pic!

  7. Wonderful photo and haiku for Watery Wednesday!

  8. So peaceful…enjoyed it a lot.

  9. So lovely! (although I fear I heard John Wayne’s voice on the last line! heehee)

    You always pair your haiku with such great images! So nice!

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