Ruby Tuesday: Tenacious             Mrs. Scribe’s Poetry Slam


still saucy, sassy—
tenacious gaillardias
blooming after frost

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: On the shores of Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona
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  1. The ruby is resplendent on this bloomer. Sitting on a dry desert floor, it grows amazingly. That is thrives after the desert and frost, is great. Defying all odds, it grows an continues to look beautiful…

  2. These are so lovely!

  3. Hi Mary. Love the picture and the hope and triumph it displays. Life will out.

  4. A flower to some……. to others, just tossed.

  5. You had frost in Arizona? who knew (not me)

    Took a lickin’ but it’s still kickin’

    (best I can do this morning, MMT)

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  6. Good for them! Don’t they just make you smile?

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  7. I have a few gaillardias still striving in my garden as well. They aren’t quite as robust as they were this Summer, but they still delight me when I see them.

  8. Nice photo of the flower. I love your haiku!

    You can check out my Ruby Tuesday here

  9. sassy indeed! What a lovely bright flower!

  10. Hmmmm. I was attempting to link to this performance.

    Double Fail.

    Oh, well.


  11. Never seen those flowers before, they are just gorgeous.

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