Haiku My Heart, Stone Wall


It is an old tale—
you build a stone wall, and moss
nibbles the mortar.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: A side street in San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco, México
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  1. I haven’t been over here in a while and I apologize. Been on the road to make tales of my own. I really like this haiku. Great word, the moss “nibbles” the mortar of the wall. A stroing message, reminds me that nothing man can do is a match of the force of nature. At least that’s what this made me think of. Hope all is good with you.


  2. the moss want to see whats on the other side…maybe “greener”?

  3. Wonderful for reflection. Caused me to pause and consider my “Walls.” Thank you!

  4. Ten years ago we re-built the old cottage we now live in, only today I was looking at the old pictures showing fresh mortar between the stones. The building looks much different today with the green moss, better, as does life with a little more maturity!

    Thanks for your poignant post

    Sue x

  5. Love the image of the moss nibbling…
    And like Cathy, I am thinking about what walls of my own should be give to the moss…
    Have a joy-filled Friday !

  6. “…moss nibbles the mortar” – such vivid imagery! Adds such lovely character, to be sure.

    Wonderfully reflective.


  7. Just can’t leave that moss alone for a minute or it’s into something

  8. i love the whimsy of the first line… the textures and rich colors of pink and moss green add life to the haiku… haiku my heart found

  9. oh yes – I know this to be true – beautiful!

    xox – eb.

  10. Oh my — you’ve reminded me of all the stone walls in Ireland and how much I loved how they decorated the sides of the country roads and marked boundaries between land. (And the sheep with the paintball splotches on their butts instead of a brand).

  11. I like deb’s idea of wanting to see the other side. 😉


  12. wow… this one gave me chills. lovely poem

  13. Luckily, as Meri sees, it decorates while it nibbles…
    Is that enough?

  14. Fascinating photo. Enjoyable haiku too. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  15. so simple and startling at the same time.
    this recognition of the passing of time. the idea that even the smallest little events
    find a way into the crevices of life.
    thanks for being here….

  16. Lovely Haiku on the peeping tom Moss 🙂 loved the line
    ” nibbles the mortar.”

  17. A wall can’t expand or shrink. Walls, especially a stone wall, can’t let anything in or anything out. Walls are not flexible. Many people have built walls around them in stead of flexible fences. the moss might soften this wall from the outside

  18. MMT, Love both the photo and your words of wisdom.


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