O Sky, Haiku My Heart!


Through five white arches
my soulmates and I hasten
to hug big blue sky.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Mission San Xavier del Bac, Tucson
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Posted on November 26, 2010, in Arizona, Haiku My Heart Friday, Himmelsk, Looking at the Sky on Friday, Mission San Xavier del Bac, my digital photos, my haiku, my senryu, Sky Watch Friday, Sonoran Desert, Tucson. Bookmark the permalink. 19 Comments.

  1. Lovely skies and beautiful words as always! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend ahead!


  2. Have I dreamed this picture?
    So clean, so pure and inviting one to go through and do some serious sky hugging.

  3. It seems that the heavens may be reached through any of these arched portals. The lovely sky invites us, and convincingly, too…

  4. Great picture – I have to wonder what the arches are for

  5. What a wonderful feeling to be able to hug a big blue sky.


  6. arms around white clouds
    we float through layers of blue
    dreaminess, laughing

  7. Beautiful arches ! Enjoy the flight !

  8. I LOVE the white against that sky! Awesome!

  9. You made my day.. I flew out all of them one by one.. what an experience.. my soul laughed at third one..ha, ha,

    do visit me for more Moon..

  10. A striking photo with that vibrant blue sky! That touch of wispy cloud is the perfect counterpoint…and your joyful words are inspiring as always…:)

  11. Simple and striking, so beautiful and… blue… hugging the sky with heart and soul.


  12. Virkelig supert bilde

  13. the bluest of blue the whitest of whites… there is a mystical presence waiting to be heard… beautiful… almost naked

  14. I think of standing in front of the sky, arms outstretched, head back, eyes closed, breathing in the blue. Lovely.

  15. WoW! Love the capture!!! Blue, blue sky!!

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