Watery Wednesday                           One Single Impression: Meld


meld water and sky,
add a few koi, two white stones—
canvas is finished

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Pool at Govinda’s of Tucson
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Posted on November 30, 2010, in Arizona, my digital photos, my haiku, One Single Impression, Tucson, Watery Wednesday. Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. That’s real artistry..on gets there spending a life time..with paint and brush.. Loved the image..

  2. A beautiful canvas.


  3. Nice lesson, and a great photo!

  4. Canvas is finished–
    Task diminished!

  5. Canvas indeed!!! Nature’s best art work.

    My Watery Wednesday Photo Hope you find time to visit with me.

  6. You did a wonderful job of melding all the elements into one beautiful photograph.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. How soft and lovely an image. And thanks so much for the very wonderful Water poem you left on my blog post. Much appreciated!

  8. It looks like a stash of gold dust hiding there in the water! Very “reflective”! Thanks for stopping by at mine. Enjoy the week.You’re very prolific with your words and shots!

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