Blessed One, Haiku My Heart!


Blessed One, you pray
for me, a stumbling pilgrim,
and I find my way.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Mission San Xavier del Bac, Tucson
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  1. i love this! perfect, perfect haiku!!!
    stumbling towards ecstasy!

    thank you for this jewel of an offering.

  2. yes, we are all stumbling pilgrims… thank you for this lovely haiku.

  3. Gorgeous ! What a lovely photo and your words are like the sweets prayer.
    Happy Friday !

  4. truly beautiful poem/prayer

  5. it is good someone is praying for us. i know i need it. 😉


  6. Mary, Mary, how we LOVE thee and I am soOOOOo glad YOU are praying for all of us!!!

  7. Holy Cows! You just jogged a dusty memory bank of mine! I had taken photos of that same Virgin and forgot all about that place up there on the hill from the church. That was before digital, so who knows where that print and negative is! Really neat site though.
    Loved your Haiku (but, of course!).

  8. The haiku is just beautiful ,as well as the photo!Love it!

  9. yes, we are all pilgrims on our way home… pefectly poetic…

  10. Blessed good.

    All the best, Boonie

  11. Compassionate eyes
    a giving heart, the Virgin
    resonates with us

  12. Tucked into her grotto, sweet and colorful offerings at her feet, she blesses all of us stumbling ones with her grace.



  13. I stumbled many times!
    Glad I stumbled on Haiku my Heart,
    Blessed by so many poets!

    Thank you

    Sue x

  14. Cassiopeia Rises

    Beautiful. Your speak the word in my heart.


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