Sunny Mexico


Sunny Mexico—
frost is mostly a fiction
everywhere you go.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Teens in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México
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  1. Great warmth!!…. and sunny days spread happiness and smiles.

  2. This made me smile; I loved it!!!

  3. Those poor kids!! need a field trip north for snow!!

  4. First frost always fakes me out by encroaching on the Fall season. Nice post…Enjoy the sunshine, living vicariously.

  5. You need some snow? I’ll mail you some. Let me go get a shovel ….

  6. In a land with no
    Frost perhaps one is better
    Off looking for steam.


  7. Some people are SO lucky. 😉


  8. I wouldn’t mind being there right about now! Although I shouldn’t complain – we have just a light dusting of snow here in Toronto. Other parts of Canada and the US are socked in with snow! Kids would love to use their sleds though.

    Great haiku, my friend!

    Best wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year!!

  9. Ah. I would be jealous except in a few days I’m migrating south to Palm Desert. :0)

    My haiku:

  10. “frost is mostly a fiction”..
    love this line..
    I want to be there now 🙂

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