Under desert skies,
the dead in Christ are waiting
his command to rise.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Glendale Memorial Park, Glendale, Arizona
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  1. I went through the blogroll early today. I was about to go to your blog, but I refreshed the page and your name came up. Like minds maybe.
    I can’t wait to get back down to the Southwest. I’m leaving early Monday morning and will be mostly in New Mexico, but I have trips planned around the state and to Arizona to visit relatives and friends.
    E-mail me a number. Maybe a cup of coffee?
    I like the haiku for sure. The whole story of the faith is in those few words. And that first name is one I am not familiar with. Interesting.


  2. Et smukt himmelsk billede.. Jeg ønsker dig en dejlig weekend. 🙂

  3. It looks really hot in the photo. Is it as hot as it looks?

    Have a good weekend, Boonie

  4. Spennende bilde. Så fint med den knallbå himmelen i bakgrunnen.

  5. ~awaiting command to rise~ this is beautiful

  6. Lovely photo, and I love your Haikus!

  7. Beautiful words, photo, and spirit.

  8. Wionderful photo. Oh, and very clever to choose this photo. Heavenly in double meaning 🙂

  9. Fin bild!
    Trevlig helg!

  10. You did it again! Always beautiful photo and a nice poem!

  11. A wonderful reflection!

  12. … a most beautiful ‘ku…..

  13. (hey, you have drawn quite the eclectic crowd here today!!)

    dear M-M-T,
    you are H-O-T!

    welcome weekend…..whew.

  14. Comforting even in death…one day the command will come.

  15. Poignant and lovely.

  16. All wait patiently,
    the living and the dead,
    looking for protection

  17. cadence of a hymn
    somber chords struck in my heart
    make me bow my head

  18. Splendid. You said everything in 13 words.

  19. Desert and deserted …. looks so lonely. I will never have a stone after me 🙂
    Thanks for your kind words the other day 🙂
    All the best!


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