splendor line by line—
words chiseled in stone pages
bidding evening come

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: St. John’s Catholic Cemetery, St. Johns, Arizona
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  1. WoW!! That was quite a statue! Magnificent!!

  2. what a great statue – my eyes are drawn to the blue sky and the flag – Lovely!

  3. oh the wonderment of discovery through the eyes of a child!! great shot!!

  4. Oh, I do so agree with Robin!! And it is indeed a terrific shot! Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. MMT…
    the gift of reading,
    you know the power of this!

  6. Beautiful picture and wonderful haiku! So sweet!

  7. That statue is gorgeous – love it enlarged – very cool! Thought of you this week…my son had to do a Haiku…in Spanish (I did not take spanish in HS!! ha!) It was very entertaining indeed!!

  8. A super shadow shot of a delightful statue!

  9. My goodness.. such a lovely statue..I am seeing the sculptor there.. a pure soul.. perhaps a lover of books too..

    Brilliant statues
    May God soon appear and infuse
    Life in these..

  10. It does sort of look like the bits of rock debris are from the statue. I have the option to get really close up on your photos. This is a fantastically weathered sculpture. Then, I wonder what meaning it has in the cemetery, what with the children. Something to think about.
    Up in the 40’s today, but before the cold spell, I was out on the Black Cat patio smoking cigars and sipping coffee, it was up in the 60’s. Hope it gets back to that soon!


    PS I’ll be in Albuquerque Sunday, you anywhere around?

  11. Book and childen made of stone. They have lot of time to read it. Thank`s for visiting at my site and special thanks for poem. 😉

  12. Its a beautiful Haiku. I love the depth of field of your shot!

    Re: your question: It was taken along Highway 38 towards Big Bear.

  13. The look of the precious children is captured by the sculptor. The little ones are looking and learning, the expression of discovery wonderfully etched on their inquisitive faces…

  14. William H. Brewer

    Really nice! Sad, too…

  15. I wonder how old this piece of art is and where all it has been before the dessert.
    Your haiku is very descriptive as usual. Keep up the good word.
    Finale? 🙂

  16. A romantic haiku and image! Love the touch of shadow eneath the children as they explore worlds in the light!

  17. Such a sweet statue and lovely shadows. 🙂

  18. This statue celebrates life, how wonderful for it to be in a cemetery!

    Thanks for the visit and the poem!

  19. How cute is that and it looks like it was recently chiseled by the shards on the ground!

  20. I enjoy your poems! That’s an interesting subject for a shadow, very nice!

  21. Loved your SILLY SHADOW DITTY—quite amusing! You write some great haiku–I’ll check back on your blog again. I’m a teacher too–first grade and Preschool. Mickie

  22. I love the cool vantage point in your photograph.
    and I love the great poem you left on my SSS post – thank you!

  23. They are so cute, and I love the wide open space behind them!

  24. NOW that is an awesome picture! Thanks for the poem. Sometimes I feel like feeding my whole blog to the billy goat.

  25. Dee light full! I imagine that a sculpture like that to be in a garden of a library.

  26. Oh my that brings back memories. I lived in St.Johns for 15 months that seemed like 15 years!! Beautiful ShadowShot of children forever.

  27. Lovely little statue you found there – and mysterious. What are the shattered pieces on the ground? And why is it in such bleak surroundings? It invites one to speculate.

  28. A thought provoking image.

  29. A lovely shadow shot.

  30. That’s a cute statue. Hope your week ahead will be good!

  31. What a beautiful photo! Great job!

  32. Great shot. I love the composition of the sculpture against the Arizona landscape.

    I lived in Eagar, Arizona for a time growing up. St. John’s high school was the big rival with Round Valley High School that i attended.

  33. That’s a beautiful blue sky!

  34. Reading, everywhere. I wouldn’t mind this statue in my garden. I’m a reader, of course.

  35. what a beauty of a subject! Don’t you just love anything to do with books?

  36. It is a beautiful statue.
    I thought a bit sad too.
    Take care.

  37. A hauntingly beautiful sculpture. Thank you so much for sharing the Silly Ditty with me. 🙂

  38. What an interesting statue! I especially liked the little “ditty” you left on my blog today. The goat part made me smile (we use to have lots of goats).

  39. what a nice piece of sculpture.

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