Sinister spyhole—
someone squints at passersby,
wild heart thump-thumping.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Doorway with spyhole in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México
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  1. Very interesting photo! The spyhole is a door that leads to what? The color contrasts with the dark shadow are wonderful.
    Wish I had a goat!

  2. Jalisco on the outside,
    Jalisco on the inside;
    Jalisco through and through.
    Sinister spinster,
    To her public….
    quite simply,
    out of view.

  3. Very interesting door- I think I ned a spyhole and a goat!

  4. Hi!
    Very nice door. Love all the colors in this picture. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. Great shot. You’re a brave soul, to be traveling to Mexico.

  6. traveling in mexico is always a
    stumble into ecstasy for me!

    doorways there are so often portals to languid gardens…
    exotic beauty, lush dreams…

  7. What a magnificent door!! Wish I could knock knock there!!!

  8. I like the house and its spyhole, MMT!

  9. Ooooo thanks for the grand encore! We used to “do Mexico” at least once a year when I was younger. There are some fabulous sights to see there.

  10. Very nice, MMT. This made me think a while about my thoughts when seeing people outside my motel room peephole.

    My daughter had a pet goat for a while. It was a mess. However, I missed the goat in either the haiku or the picture? 🙂

  11. To the door I go
    With my billy goat gruff – We
    Shall fear no shadows!


  12. Beautiful door. love the colour.

  13. I love photographing doors and obviously you do, too. Gorgeous!

  14. I like the color combination. Great shot. Happy Monday.

  15. both photo and poem are so very ncely done! and thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers!

  16. knock, knock!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

    Liz @ MLC

  17. Simply attractive…happy MYM and exciting days ahead.

  18. It is Simply attractive…happy MYM and exciting days ahead.

  19. Sunshine! Palm tree! Bright colors! Aaaah.

  20. What a beautiful door. I absolutely love it! : )

  21. That looks like a very solid door! Definitely not one to challenge, especially with the spyhole!

  22. Very interesting door and its spyhole…
    It’s not common here 🙂

  23. brilliant one. just loved it. 🙂
    it can become quite obsessive.

    mine is here:

  24. I like the imaginative thoughts of what is behind the door.I had a neighbor who sat for hours everyday peeking out from behind a curtain. I wasn’t sure why she chose to remain hidden, rather than opening the window. We staged some bizarre scenes for her as kids, feeling comntempt for her peeking.I had fun roving through your blog and connected blogs.

  25. Interested door, indeed! 🙂

    I’d love to see what/who is behind that spyhole 🙂

  27. Great photo! And yes it was a shadow boxer……….. lol

  28. followed your blog, visit and follow mine. tnx.

  29. oh my.. creepy touch to the door. wonder who’s on the other side.. 😀

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