Avalanche Woman


Who knows the habits
of frostflakes on windowpanes?
Avalanche Woman!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on February 9, 2011, in Arizona, my digital photos, my haiku, REDnesday, Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Watery Wednesday. Bookmark the permalink. 23 Comments.

  1. What an interesting and different view from a window. I tried some of that too, but mine did turn out very good. Much too cold to get outside for a picture.

  2. I like to macro ice too, nice sunset behind the ice as well. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for sharing:)

  3. Cold lace forms on glass;
    A tap on your window pane –
    It’s Suzy Snowflake!


  4. Brrr, I hope you are keeping warm – looks like weather for hot chocolate to me!

  5. LOL!! that was fun!!

    Enjoyed JzB’s take with a similar haiku too!! 😀

  6. this is so lovely. great perspective with words and the photo. you amaze me.

  7. And I see a beautiful sunset or sunrise?
    Watery Wednesday

  8. Avalanche Woman! Nice 😉 Is that something you aspire to? Well done!

  9. Avalanche Woman?!

    It’s a fun Haiku … great rhythm to it … and errr .. surreal? 😀


  10. Although I think this is an absolutely beautiful photograph, I’m glad it’s not quite that cold here. I’ll just enjoy your picture rather than trying to get one of my own.

  11. Very very nice picture

  12. I love the patterns ice crystals make on windows, and the dimmed soft colors in the background!

  13. Hi MMT … your photo is beautiful, and I loved your rhyme! Thank you so much. I included it in the body of my post.

    Have a great week,


  14. Such a beautiful capture.

  15. Beautiful capture and haiku, the sunset is gorgeous!

  16. I like this reference…..avalanche woman!!! Cool.

    PS…thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visiting with me yesterday!!!

  17. Lovely and interesting 🙂

    Sorry for my late visit… Have a great day…

  18. I need to have a cup of coffee with Avalanche Woman!

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