Instead of heaven,
he sweeps clean the zocalo
such humility!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Photo: At the zocalo, Tequila, Jalisco, México

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  1. a little red row of shadows. nice job mmt.

  2. However with a sidewalk so clean, humility is replaced with a pride of work done by a gentleman who does his job so well!

  3. You certainly made the most of your mexico trip – lovely shot – and sweeping is a great pasttime here – not seen as demeaning at all….

  4. perfect
    i have to say,
    i am humbled too.

  5. Whenever we’ve been lucky enough to be in Mexico, we have seen streets being swept often and shopkeepers and housewives sweeping the fronts of their homes and stores daily. .

  6. heavenly done. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Love your shadow shot for the day and your words as always! And I do remember the street sweepers from when I lived in Mexico! Fun memories! Have a lovely weekend!


  8. What an inspiring shot!

  9. I’m glad that somebody does this kind of work too. I can not image if not…
    Interesting picture. I’m curious about the statue on the left there and what is the red all along the right side of the picture?

  10. I like the bright primary colors in your shot. Pretty.

  11. I like the contrast of the stark light and the little shadows that seem to be creeping up on the sweeper from behind.

  12. Cleaning the Zocalo is such an important job.
    Great photo

  13. Ah – if only we still had proper street sweepers here!

  14. fine shadows and heartwarming haiku. I think this may be one of my favorite shadow shots ever. nicely done. have a beautiful weekend!

  15. Kudos to those guys who keep the surrounding clean!

    My shadows, enjoy your weekend!

  16. it is good to be happy wherever we are… i absolutely LOVE this!!!… thank you… when i am taking care of toddlers who have yet to understand what the potty is for i will think of the broom and happiness…

  17. William H. Brewer

    Lovely shadows. Between this and Taxco, I’m really wishing I could get back down that way…

  18. I’d be proud to have had a job like that when I worked for wages. A space where people gather and enjoy life. Love the shadows on the barrier wall.


  19. That has to be such a thankless job. Well, he’ll never run out of work! Neat shadows on the wall.

  20. Good job guy.. Happy SSS!

  21. A great parade of shadows on the wall! And the little haiku is a beautiful reflection on the moment!

  22. I like the formality of the rows with the rounded shadows. thankyou for dropping by my cicadas. I like them too, though they can be almost deafening on a hot day (which we haven’t had many of this Summer)

  23. It’s heavenly to look at….clean walks….and the shadows of course!

  24. I spy an old guy
    looking down on high.
    Nice to have you visit.

  25. Lovely shadows!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  26. Lovely shadows of the bushes, and of an honest man doing an honest day’s work!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  27. And doing a very good job of it.

  28. Nice ‘sweeping’ shadows.

  29. Crisp shadows from a very bright sun. Makes me want to do my best until I am sweeping in Heaven.

  30. A perfect title for a great shot!

  31. He sweeps, making it all nice to the next pedestrian’s eye.

  32. Had to look up zocalo. Public Square? Anywhooo, a great shot. I’ve always had respect for cleaning people since my sister and I were the cleaning people for our local doctor and the Ag.Office when we were teens. Since then I have taken on cleaning jobs off and on the rest of my life. (While up in Idaho I volunteer to clean our church teen center once a week!) I think partially the reason I do it is I like the humbleness of it.

  33. So beautiful to be fully engaged in what ever it is we must do in the world…this is what raises up the sparks of creation…the small tasks attended to with care.

  34. Yes – blessed are the
    Humble, for they shall sweep the
    Plaza of Heaven.


  35. Oh the pride of having a nice clean street..

  36. Growing up in SoCal, we’ve been to Mexico many times. Even years ago, every thing was swept on a daily basis.

  37. Bright sunshiny day, yet cool shadows under the trees. Nice!

  38. Love the colours and it’s so nice to read the comments of appreciation for the work of this man! I imagine it to be a thankless job for the most part, but it’s important work and I have much respect for the cleaners of this world. Gosh, imagine the state of our world without them!

  39. Humility is something that we all need, isn’t it? And we often don’t ‘see’ the people who make our lives so much more pleasant. Those that clean the public restrooms, the streets, tables, etc.
    For all I know, that person cleaning the toilet could be a genius and yet, so many of us never even see the person.

  40. Love it. I admire and respect the street sweepers and garbage collectors.

  41. He has an important job, but I wish people wouldn’t litter so much! Thanks for stopping by. It’s always nice to read your creative comments…

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