memories in stone—
shadows huddling to listen
to chiseled stories

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Temecula Public Cemetery, Temecula, California
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  1. Beautiful! I love the stories found at cemeteries!

  2. Love this… it’s almost as if the shadows are circling… keepers of the stories… beautiful.


  3. The importance of someone’s life is not often seen in the days of their lives. Yet their importance is not lost on the headstone, almost the metaphor showing us the strength of the stone reflects the strength of their character. The sun and shade add a dignity to this scene…

  4. aren’t old cemeteries great. great haiku to go with it mmt!!

  5. We have some very old graves in our local church graveyard – some with the details of whole families buried in the plot.

  6. So many stories that will never be told…or that will, but not enough to satisfy your curiosity!

  7. I like the idea of the shadows listening. Very creative!

  8. This is incredibly well done. The close association between the haiku and the photo tell so much. Memories linger if just for a shadow… very delicate, fragile. ♥

  9. A very moving image and haiku! The touch of shadow seems to create an ambience of peace and stillness!

  10. Above,
    Memories in stone–
    nothing more than petrified bone
    Souls are lifted,
    families have drifted.
    Feeling empty and left alone?
    The Divine would say….

  11. Lovely shadow and verse.

  12. The photo is beautiful, and the words thoughtful. Wonderful post!

  13. Oh, I forgot! Thanks for the poem! I like the image of shadowy parfait!

  14. What a gift to get wonderful shadows and a beautiful sky shot right out of the camera, and then add to it all with a lovely haiku!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. gosh, I’m almost always left not knowing what to write after I read what you’ve written. and I think that’s a good thing because I’ve been provoked to think, or feel, and words just aren’t necessary. but I always want to tell you how much I enjoy your haiku/poems. I was married to someone for many years, and he spent his spare time writing haiku and poetry. From sun up to sundown and then some. Some of it I thought was pretty good, but I would never think of his writing as being magical or mystical or even all that thought provoking. your shadow shot and haiku are all of that. have a beautiful week!

  16. The shadows seem to have found a place of rest here in this cemetery too. The Barnett family marker looks as though it’s been standing for quite awhile, but there don’t appear to be any grave markers close by. Interesting. A very peaceful ShadowShot.

  17. What aninteresting shot! The stone is huge. Wonder what stories it could tell??

  18. stones always make us more curious abt the lives beyond it.. beautiful haiku

  19. I love visiting cemeteries. They all seem to have their own kind of energy. Some are full of really happy energy and some can be quiet sad. Most, I find have good energy.
    Lovely tombstone!

  20. We also stand and wait for the well chiseled Haikus you put to tell us great new tales!!

  21. Wow….I have to be honest with you here….forget the photo…that HAIKU is OUTSTANDING!!! I think you’ve outdone yourself on that one. It’s the best I’ve ever read of your work.

    My Shadow Shot Dolphin Art

    Thanks for visiting with me.

  22. Good shot. I love today’s very descriptive haiku along with the Shadow Shot. The shadows always listen, they are the captive audience. Good stuff!


  23. Outstanding…well done!

  24. Memories that last for a long time. Nice one. happy SSS!

  25. Outstanding. Are you from my area? If so, I had no idea.

  26. I like how you got down close and low

  27. When the stone erodes to dust the memories will remain on the breeze.

  28. This is lovely. I like cemeteries and I really like the Haiku you paired with this photo!

  29. Such a beautiful photo and your! Outstanding. I’m…wow…


  30. Yes, I love the stories you find at a cemetery. Nice photo.

  31. and am sure those chiseled memories would be etched in mind too, MMT…

  32. Great photo and haiku! I too love the stories graveyards have to tell…


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