Tiny tugs
tumbling round the bay—

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Elliott Bay, taken from atop the Space Needle, Seattle
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  1. Wow…you were pretty high up to get this shot! Good one!!!

  2. Another great pic and more lovely words.

  3. What an amazing shot of these ships. That is so neat the way you captued them looking across those buildings.

  4. Another one? I’m tickled pink 😉

    Are those cavorting tug boats?

  5. Makes me think of all the great times I had with my cousins on their boats

  6. Love your shot from the Space Needle. One of m trips out there to see my son I am going to have to go up. Love the boats in the Bay…they look like tug boats from my computer screen This is an awesome shot, and as always, you poetry makes my day.

  7. What a view!. It’s a beautiful photo. I loved the poetry too.

  8. That sure is an unusual angle on the pic with the boats at the top-just the right hint of red!

  9. Where land meets sea
    Let your imagination float
    On raft or barge or boat
    That tugs at you and me.


  10. I love seeing boats chugging or gliding along on the water – craft with sails hoisted, tugs being all businesslike, ferries, even cruise liners. The container ships don’t excite me as much, but they’re still interesting.

  11. That is a great photo! I have always liked tugs, such little work horses, chugging down the river. As a child I remember sitting in Hoquiam, WA, on the edge of the river that runs through that tiny town, watching the tugs go up and down the river. I was mesmerized by them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. They do look tiny when seen from so high.

  13. I like this picture of the tugs on the water. The composition and perspective are both wonderful.

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