Shimmering Women


shimmering women
balancing baskets, ollas—
their joy no mirage

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Art shop, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México
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  1. I know from experience that using this tumpline makes carrying on your back a lot easier, but still, I’d love to take lessons from these women in your painting.

  2. beautiful piece… dropping by for SS.

    Shadow Shot here

  3. Wow that is a beautiful painting. So colorful.

    Happy SSS again. Wow twice in one week!


    Stay tuned for an email.

  4. I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach yesterday and there were vendors. One had similar paintings of women in an African village and all were very colorful like this one. I loved looking at the colors. A glimpse of someone’s real life in action. Cool!


  5. In a desert view
    Exotic women beckon
    To a far off place.


  6. Beautiful shadow shot!

    More Shadow Shots here, have a blessed Sunday!

  7. Lovely painting and verse.

  8. beautiful. this sunday service of beauty straight from the heart.

    thank you for gracing my morning.

  9. A lovely photo filled with softness and character, and a wonderful poem! It is always a treat to visit your page…


  10. Beautiful painting, subtle shadows, and such a nice Haiku.

  11. I have tried holding something heavy on my head …. Like the laundry basket …. That is no easy feat! And to have joy at the same time … Wow!

  12. women are simply remarkable.
    thank you for this moment in paradise.

  13. great shot! Perfect poem!

  14. A celebration of women.

  15. joys etched in image, so definitely no mirage, MMT 🙂

  16. You are such a delightful and talented writer. There is no need for you to post your link in a comment. I would gladly visit, but now I cannot post the comment. 😦 Thanks for the visit and God bless.

  17. Wonderful painting! The shadows are very subtle and enhance the shot.

  18. what a bright and sunny image!

  19. Love the beautiful basket of flowers the one woman is carrying! I feel like I can see and hear the skirts rustling.

  20. Dellightful. Enchanting. Colorful. What more could one want? 🙂

  21. It looks pretty art…happy MYM!

  22. It’s a beautiful painting. Have a fabulous week!

    My MYM.

  23. Splendid, vibrant color. Reminds me a bit of Diego Rivera. A joyful surprise.

  24. Beautiful haiku…you pull us into the world of these women. “Shimmering women” is a perfect line!

  25. I enlgarged the photo to see what I thought was a basket of fruit.. but surprised to see a basket of flowers atop her head.. perfumed flowers to be used in the making of Olive oil soap – the oil must be in the urn i am sure of that!
    loVe-ly xo

  26. What a beautiful painting! Love it.

  27. Life is all about balance, if only we could ….

    I should be off to yoga this afternoon but am feeling a little off balance!

    Have a good week,

    Sue x

  28. Yes, no mirage this..AND YOUR HAIKU TOO..

  29. It is a beautiful piece! I love how you photographed it, sort of like you’re trying to be sneaky about it! Thanks for stopping by at my SS.

  30. Very nice painting here’s mine My Daily Mumbles thanks

  31. Glad to have found this…’s lovely!

  32. Wonderful painting and equally wonderful haiku. I imagine, after years of carrying items on one’s head that way, a visit to an orthopedist or chiropracter might be in order. I have aches and pains from just carrying my head around!

  33. I love that painting! Great shot of it, makes me want to go to Mexico! I alway enjoy your poems…beautiful and creative. Have a wonderful week.


  34. Oh so very beautiful!!!

  35. Wow interesting subject!

    Is your blog’s layout new? It looks so nice!

    Thank you for commenting on my shadow shot from two weeks ago. I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply.

    Square Peg Guy.

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